You know what you know, but you have to admit… You don’t know what you don’t know! You may have been marketing for years, but internet marketing is just a different animal! Do you know what to do with you 8 seconds of fame when people get to your website? How do you convert them into prospects or clients? There is a secret sauce but how much time are you wiling to invest to learn it?

Brian has opened up my thought process and make me vastly more effective, efficient and just plain productive. I have long believed in the importance of blogging as a way to build website traffic but Brian has helped me bring it to a whole new level. Here are a few of the ways he has reinvented blogging for me:

  • leveraged the impact of each blog to increase its reach, generate more comments and drive more traffic
  • re-purpose every article into multiple uses including seminars, webinars and books
  • maximize exposure through effective use of social media
  • utilize the many resources available at LinkedIn to reach my audience and develop followers
  • solve the problem of writer’s block

Did you see that last one–yes SOLVE the writer’s block problem. If you are serious about building your business and you are willing to learn and apply what you learn, work with Brian. You will work hard but it will be worth it.

John N.

IMG_0122Bacon By The Slice

There are various courses that can help you through self-paced learning.

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If you are looking to improve you on-line presence, we have some self-paced video courses that can help you grow your business. Each includes multiple videos, segmented for easy access making it much more than a course, but a resource you can access time and again to help you make the most of marketing your business on-line.


IMG_0566The Bacon Sampler

The Bacon Weekly Mastermind – Get A Taste of How Bacon Makes Everything Better.

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This is a weekly conference call that shows you how to improve your website and on-line marketing. You get a taste of how group coaching can help spark new ideas and teach you how on-line marketing can easily produce new business for you. It’s part mastermind and part one-on-one coaching that can quickly kick-start your on-line marketing.


IMG_0564The Bacon Academy

This is a Bacon Buffet – Better known as Group Coaching.

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This includes multiple groups coaching calls a month and some personal one-on-one time. This is part mastermind with a personal touch. You will quickly learn how to maximize your on-line marketing and start to make more money every month.


IMG_0587THE Full Slab Of Bacon

This is All-You-Can-Eat Bacon Menu of Greatness – Better Known as One-On-One Coaching.

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You get everything above and then some. You get personalized one-on-one personalized training, notes, recordings, and all our video training courses at your fingertips. You even get a membership in the “Bacon of the Month Club!” Don’t like bacon or you are a vegetarian? We will donate to your favorite local or national charity (or you can choose a discount if that’s more your style)!